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Make iRule save variables some where else, like on raspberry pi, or windows server etc

When iRule implemented variables a whole new world presented itself.
However, iRule may have gotten smarter, but only when using one handset.
If iRule crashes (yes it happens) or you use more than one remote in your home, you are in for a rude awakening.
Start iRule on Android and then Start TV.
What happens if I start iRule on my iPhone and wants to change the channels on my TV (or irule crashed)?
It is not possible due to how buttons or entrance are set up. It will try to start everything because it does not know everything already is started.
I can make this problem go away by making everything a variable.
But the variable must be stored somewhere else as well.
Otherwise the variables won't get transferred between handsets (and they are lost if iRule is restarted).

It should not be difficult to implement MQTT (internet of things) in iRule and have a small application sitting on a server or raspberry pi that stores and releases the variables on command. Maybe you could sell it as an module as I would gladly pay 15-25usd for this.
If I'm not mistaken Itai Ben-Gal is an advocate on this matter using internet of things to bring everything together ;)

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