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Make logos attributes of blank buttons

Another idea for image library management: rather than having static buttons icons with logos, why not just have the buttons separate from the logos. Then the selected logo (eg. the PS4 logo) can just be another attribute that you drag and drop onto the button (eg. the square "source" button) just like the commands. The upside of this: there are really only a dozen or so button shapes. Round, rounded rectangles, paddles, etc. Having a folder with these dozen shapes, then other folders with icons would drastically reduce the number of static button images while allowing far more combinations. Example, I'd love channel up/down buttons shaped like the volume up/down paddles, but as it is now I have to go into photoshop to make these. Why not let me drag out a blank paddle button, then drag the "Channel ^" logo onto it. Another upshot, it would be much easier to upload .png images of logos into the builder, rather than having to use a separate program (i.e. photoshop) to place these onto a button before import. Combined with the ability to resize these images in the builder, this would be a very powerful update!
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