Message duration

Could we please have some definitive information on how long a Message is displayed. It is easy enough to figure out when it's a simple macro - the Message closes automatically when the macro ends. But in another topic I've seen it stated that Delays and Messages in Entrances don't work if Devices are not assigned to Gateways etc. I queried it at the time, but got no response :-(

So, if a macro starts with a message, but it includes a link that will also execute an Entrance and of course switch to displaying the new Page, when will the Message be closed?

Also, instead of the above macro starting with a Message, what if the Message is in the Entrance that is run? When does it then close? At the end of the Entrance or when the calling macro ends?

Be handy to have all this documented somewhere. Might I suggest there is a real need to split the manual into a simple User's Guide (i.e. the current manual) and in addition an 'Advanced Guide' that includes the more complex stuff. Then we wouldn't have to keep asking questions like these.
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