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Most commands not working for Yamaha RX-A3050

I'm trying to control my Yamaha RX-A3050 with IP control. I'm using the commands with device "Yamaha AVR HTTP Control-Zone 1" and most of them don't work so far. The only ones I've found to work are the volume up and down, and the input selection commands. Is there another set of commands that would work better, or is there something else I'm maybe missing?
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  • You should be using

    Yamaha RX-A and RX-V Series TCP/RS232
    Yamaha RX-A and RX-V Series TCP/RS232 ZONE 2
    Yamaha RX-A and RX-V Series TCP/RS232 ZONE 3
    Yamaha RX-A and RX-V Series TCP/RS232 ZONE 4

    they are in the iRule library

    Set up a network gateway (not http)

    port 50000


    Note that you can only have one tcp connection to the receiver at a time so if another application is tcp connected to the reciever then it will not respond to iRule.

    You can still connect with the web control http interface at the same time as tcp.

    Also set up a repeating entrance with the keep alive command on the panels using the Yamaha commands for 15 seconds or so.
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