Multiple Rooms, same model equipment, gateway mixup

I have created a Panel to control 3 devices in one room (living room) that is working well. I have now added a second panel and intend to control 3 more devices in another room (bedroom). In this second room is a Comcast/Motorola Cable Box similar to the one I have in the first room. In the builder I have added a second identical Motorola Cable Box device, but it does not rename itself in any way to differentiate from the first, not even a simple (2) as a descriptor suffix. I went ahead and assigned my buttons from this second Motorola Cable Box device and all seems well until I actually assign it to the IR port of the new Bedroom gateway. For some reason it is over-riding and assigning itself on the Gateway Connection Status to the Living Room Gateway. I can't seem to get around this fault. How can I get 2 identical devices on located on opposite sides of the house to assign to 2 different gateways?
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