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My Top 10 Requests

After working in iBuilder for a couple of weeks and being just about done with my first UI, I have been saving a list of things that could make the UI creation much easier and faster. Some of these I think are planned.

1. Swappable interfaces. I would love to be able to swap out interaces with the click of a button both in iBuilder and in iRule. In iBuilder it would function much like the Device replacing does today. In iRule it would just be an option to load interface A, B, or C.

2. Pixel Level Control. Get rid of the colums and rows as soon as possible. Go pixle level movement/placement of graphics.

3. Unlimited Layers. Right now only Backgroup and Foreground are possible. Allow creating of layers and numberic numbering of the layers.

4. Delete Images from Library/Layout. If a button or backgroud is deleted from the library then it should also be deleted from the interface. Prompt me if I am deleting a grphic that is in use.

5. Replacing Graphics. Allow replacing of graphics in a library. This would then replace all instances of the graphic already embeded the interface.

6. Styles, styles, styles. Allow the creating of a style sheet so all text options can be changed across the entire interface. This would also allow for setting of the defult texts attributes. I am stick of selecting a buttons to change the font, size and color. Yes, I know you can copy a button but styles are the way to go.

7. Layered Widgets. Allow widgets to work on any layer. For example I can't put a URL widget on the current backgroup layer.

8. Tree Folders. Allow me to create folders on the Panel tree. Also hide and show at the folder level in the tree. Think about how Photoshop layer tree works in regards to folders.

9. Simulator in iBuilder. Without syncing my interface to a device allow me to simulate the interface and navigate it. I don't need device functionality. This is just for naviation and flow purposes.

10. Global Drawers and Layers. Allow the user of global drawers. I like the drawers but I don't like adding them to every Panel/page. Allow the setting of a global drawer that show up on every page that I desire. Have a check box list that I can check where it shows up would be perfect. On this same note, global layers. A layer that is marked as global would show up on every page that I select.

I think that is everything that I have been saving on a list as I worked on my first user interface. If any of these are currently possible please let me know. Othewise keep up the great work and I hope to see some of these options in the future.
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