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There are some things in iRule that are BAD interface design and some things simply missing.

First of all, when a Panel has 'Swipe disabled', the Page blobs at the bottom of the screen should NOT be visible. This is basic interface design. Don't offer the user options that they cannot in fact use. When swipe is disabled, there are NO other pages the user can access by swiping so they should NOT be visible. Didn't the developers ever read Apple's Human Interface Guidelines? They should, really.

I actually think the Swipe control should have 3 options:-

• Normal
• Cycle
• Disabled

The frist and last are as now, but the new middle option would allow the user to swipe from the last Page to the first and vice versa. Useful on occasions and nice to have available.

Then there is an option that I found so useful in the Pronto and have asked for in iRule several times.

• Hide option for a Page

This would mean that Page is not part of the swipe group and could not be swiped to. BUT, it could be accessed by a direct Link. Currently the only way to achieve something similar is to place that Page in a different Panel, but that involves much extra complexity and additional considerations as you leave and re-enter the original Panel which is not a viable solution really.

Any hidden Page would NOT have an associated blob at the bottom. Any other Pages of that Panel would only display blobs for UNhidden or visible Pages and when actually viewing a hidden Page, it would display NO blobs as there are NO other Pages which can be swiped to.

I think these would all be valuable additions and would certainly help me enormously and I suspect others.
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