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New irule setup - hardware requirement.

I know this question has been asked many times but I just want to make sure what I'll need to control my HT devices. Right now I own iPad, Yamaha RX673 receiver(wired-LAN), Optoma HD33 projector, HTPC(wired-LAN), Xbox (wi-fi), Apple TV (wi-fi) and Lutron wireless light control. My question: what would be minimum and optimum hardware required in my current setup.
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  • Tim (Official Rep) November 25, 2013 03:08
    What Lutron light do you have? Is it IR controlled?

    Yamaha - IP Controllable - No additional Hardware needed
    Optoma Projector - IR - Possibly RS232 - buy an iTach IP2IR will support 3 wired devices or 6 using dual IR emitters (IR) or IP2SL (RS232)
    HTCP - IP Controllable - No additional Hardware needed
    Xbox - IR - IP2IR
    AppleTV - IR - IP2IR
    Lutron - If IR - IP2IR - If Ra2 - then IP or RS232

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