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odd 'snap to' layout issue in builder - cannot align buttons on panels they keep jumping

Hello- Need guidance. In iRule builder, I was editing a default device panel for DirecTV. I tried to move the directional pad buttons and could not get them to line back up- I even tried putting them back in the original location. the buttons keep jumping away to an out of alignment position and it is impossible to get them back together. there is no conflict with other buttons around it. the panel view zoom is default. Can I turn off the global "snap to" effect so I may place buttons easier?

I'm familiar with these types of complex builder systems, I can program Control4, Crestron and URC- I'm trying to learn your system so I can switch to it. The only problems I'm having with this system so far is button placement with odd "snap to" issue. it's giving me fits. see screenshot
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