Option to Automatically GoTo Page (Blank-Black page) on Dim?

Just started using my ipad w/iRule as my dedicated remote. I have a dedicated, light controlled room and I find the 'Dim Screen On Idle' setting still too bright but I still want to keep the iRule app active so I don't run the risk of disconnectng from my gateway (I know this is an iPad limitation). Is it possible for iRule to add an optional setting to automatically 'GoTo Pagexx (Blank-Black page) on DIM' while remembering the previous Page?
Currently, I have a Link to a pitch black background page with nothing on it that works pretty good when the iPad dims and use the 'back' button to take me to my previous page when I'm ready to use it again. Automatically going to that page before dimming would be great and I think it would help iPad users who don't want to jailbreak it just to get something like a NoLockscreen app.

Thanks for a great app,
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