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Page Jump Needed

I believe things could be simplified if you would add a “Page Jump” to iRule that bypasses execution of the Entrances. In ProntoEdit, there was an Activity Jump which functions like iRule’s “Link”, but there was also a “Page Jump” that allowed you to go to a Page within a Device or Activity without executing the Entrances. Here’s why we need it in iRule. Every activity in my config has an entrance to set the inputs on the AVR and TV (I turn power on from the home page). And every activity needs access to Surround Sound/Audio Controls as well as Lighting Control. With a Page Jump capability, I could build ONE Audio Page and ONE Lighting Control page, and each activity would have Link buttons to these pages. On the Audio or Lighting Control Page, the “Back” button would activate a “Page Jump” back to the calling activity, and no input switching would occur. Aside from the aesthetics of not seeing input messages displayed every time I need to control a light or change surround sound settings, re-establishing the inputs on AppleTV, for example, actually stops playing the video and returns you to the menu screen. Currently, I need to have both a lighting control page and an audio control page WITHIN EACH ACTIVITY to avoid Entrance execution. Even though I used drawers for the pages, it is still a lot of unnecessary complexity, as evidenced by the inordinate amount of time that scripts now take to run as I edit my config.
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