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Problems with backgrounds and resizing on Android

Background pictures are resized even though they shouldn't be, because the software reports screen size incorrectly.


My Nexus 7 has a screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels. The top part of the screen takes up 53 pixels, consisting of the notification area and the thin iRule line that shows transmits and page indicators.
In settings iRule correctly displays my resolution and that the top margin is 53px. All well and good so far.

BUT! The Android menu bar (with software back, home and program switch-buttons) occupys 64 pixels at the bottom, even though iRule says the bottom margin is 0.

So if you create a background that's 1280x747 px (800 minus the top border of 53), it will be squashed to fit in 1280x683 because the bottom 64 px aren't available. Result: Background pictures get slightly stretched in the horizontal direction. Buttons doesn't get stretched though but inserting backgrounds larger than the supported resolution seems to make the builder misbehave a bit and it's even possible to place buttons below the screen, like this:

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