Remote emulation SlingBox style

Yes I know that iRule can do miracles but I expect that most folk would appreciate immediate functionality first and let the miracles come as time permits. To this end I suggest some canned solutions for iPads. iRule homes have users that can navigate existing remotes. Replacing the remotes doesn't necessarily mean replacement control panels with neat graphics and amazing macros.

As the first stage I suggest that iRule design (and supplied at additional cost) some canned ;home pages. The home page would be divided into thirds; one third for cable remote, one third for TV and one third for limited functionality of Blue Ray players and AV receivers. For the cable remote section look at SlingBox copies the remote (expect the SlingBox IP could be licensed for a reasonable fee). I expect four cable remotes would cover the majority of the market. Five TV remotes would cover the majority of flat panel TV's (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG and Visio). For the Blue Ray players supply only the transport and menu buttons. For the AV receivers provide volume and input switching. For these last two categories I wouldn't try to deliver functionality from more than the top four or five brands.

The goal here is to eliminate all the remotes for normal viewing and allow the users to immediate apply the knowledge that they have been using. This will keep the spouse happy and still allow you to show it off to your friends. Later while everybody is watching TV you can spend weeks developing your uber interface that will impress the video geeks and deliver the power that iRule can ultimately deliver.

I expect that the ability to provide cloned remotes SlingBox style is a compelling feature especially if one can drag and drop remotes in the process of programming them. Imagine if you could have a thumbnail gif of the remote which when pressed would zoom up to a full sized emulation. I expect that those demanding a Crestron experience are a small part of the market. The ability to get rid of all the remotes and provide a consistent location for volume and channel selection would present a powerful value proposition. I expect that this development of this approach is a question of when not if.
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  • Effectively analogous to outfits like URC that provide a 'Panel" for each remote they support. Users then create a simple menu that links into each "Panel".

    At the very least, some encouragement to iRule users to create a complete Design (ie one Panel with multiple Pages + Device) for one Device's Remote. For example an iRule user shares a Design comprising 6 Pages for a Panasonic Plasma's Remote.

    Maybe also offer a price break to customers who only use these standard Designs.
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