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Smooth repeat issues on the iRule iOS 4.xx app (AppleTV)

I have had iRule with an Advanced License for about a year and a half and have several iOS devices. Ever since version 4.0 (may have been 4.02, not sure), the smooth repeat option has not functioned correctly. I noticed it with the AppleTV right away. It's been a-while since the 4.xx release came out and I was hoping it would be fixed but unfortunately the issue remains.

Symptoms are:

- Device registers multiple commands when only a single command was intended. This is particularly problematic with the cursor buttons when using the Apple TV. A single button press registers two commands, so the cursor jumps over two spaces. Very frustrating.

- When holding a button that uses "repeat on hold", device continues to register commands after releasing the button. This is noticeable with two TVs using the volume buttons.

I have tried adjusting the repeat values but I am unable to get the same behavior/results I was having with the earlier versions of the iOS app. With smooth repeat enabled I get the behavior described above. With smooth repeat disabled and higher "repeat every xxx" values I get very slow scrolling and volume adjustments. There has to be a middle ground somewhere.

Some additional information...

I'm using a Global Cache IP2IR. According to the release notes, the latest firmware release is 710-1005-05 which is what I have on my unit. I would also like to point out that I also had an Android device for a while (Samsung Galaxy S3) and I *never* had any issues at all with the smooth repeat functionality on the Android device. It worked perfectly 100% of the time. So there must be something different between iOS and Android with the timings or how the commands are being sent to the GC unit. I know there were some issues with smooth repeat on the earlier Android versions - it sounds like the same timings / logic need to be applied to the 4.x iOS code as well.

Anyway, overall I love my iRule setup, but this smooth repeat issue is having an impact on the "wife factor" to the point where she won't use it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hi John

    I've had similar problems setting up my system, primarily around volume control of my Denon receiver (by IR).

    In the end after a huge amount of trial and error, I found settings that provide consistent, reliable operation - although its far from ideal as it gives a very slow steady volume change. A long way from the way the denon remote performs.

    I ended up with smooth repeat off, repeat time of 0.2sec under the button settings, and a repeat setting of 2 under the device code settings.

    If I made the settings any more "aggressive", not only would I get inconsistent ramping, but Id also loose the ability for fine adjustment.

    As another aside I think that the issues I was having with irule "locking up" intermittently have cleared up, so perhaps that was somehow tied into this mess as well!

    I probably havnt been any help to you, but wanted you to know I feel your pain! My wife banished irule as well until I managed to get this a little more settled.


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  • Thanks for the reply Barry. And I appreciate the suggestion. :-) I did try your specific settings and unfortunately they did not make much difference for the Apple TV. I'm sure it's very device specific on what works best for each device. I've spent a-lot of time actually trying different repeat settings between the button and the device and unfortunately have not been able to get good results.

    Smooth repeat in its current state on iOS *always* produces unwanted extra commands to be sent. I'm hoping someone from support will chime in on this issue. Something is different with the way the 3.xx versions handled smooth repeat versus the 4.xx versions. And, something is clearly different with the way the Android app works with regard to smooth repeat.
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