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Streaming Video to Android App

Ok, I've touched on this in my "a few basic questions" thread, but thought that I'd ask a more specific question in case anyone has a solution.

I have a network video encoder which encodes the output from my CCTV DVR as well as some other sources, such as a couple of satellite boxes. It would be very useful to be able to incorporate these streams into an iRule layout - for one it means that I can monitor sources without a main display turned on or with the main display showing another source, in case I just want to check the camera feed or set something to record etc. Also, it then allows me to more easily do those things remotely.

The encoder produces streams in both M-JPEG and H.264/AAC formats, but the former won't display in the Android app and the latter isn't directly suitable for viewing in it, since it doesn't ( yet? ) support these streams. I can view the M-JPEG stream in Chrome, but then can't control devices and see them at the same time ( though I have a Galaxy S3 which supports multi-windows, so it may be possible to have Chrome and iRule on screen at the same time, but it would be awkward. ) Plus, 25fps M-JPEG isn't the most bandwidth friendly thing for remote applications!

So, does anyone know of a way that I can make the H.264/AAC stream from the encoder available in the iRule app under Android? I have a NAS which is essentially an x86 Linux box running 24/7, and so could use it do do some re-muxing of the stream etc. I guess, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to streaming formats and web pages. I'm not even sure that it is possible to get any streaming video to work in iRule under Android.

As a side note to the developers of iRule though - there are many example code snippets of how to play an RTSP stream directly in Android, and so it would not seem to be too much work to include it in iRule, or to work with someone who already has a video player and incorporate it into iRule - if it was a chargeable module then I'm sure that said developers would be more than happy to help! It would also expand the use of iRule into the security arena, since most network cameras etc these days seem to use H.264/RTSP.
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