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Text label to identify Library Device (driver)

I'm sure this has been discussed from various angles several times, but I'm having trouble finding the "Search" words to find the answer.

Suppose I have two cable boxes each with its own Device in the Builder:

"Motorola Cable DC unit 1" Library Device number 4539494027
"Motorola Cable DC unit 2" Library Device number 5013534062

I can use either one from a common Charter TV Cable Panel & Page by setting a variable $CableDevice$ to the desired value before linking to the Panel & Page. That, in turn, affects the "Controlled Devices On This Panel" and so the relevant Library Device (driver) is used.

I would like, especially for troubleshooting purposes, to display a text label showing the name of the cable box in use. I suspect that it may involve defining a new variable $CableName$ but is there a practical method to set that equal to the name of the Library Device that I invoked before linking to the Page & Panel?

If I can get that working I will use the same technique to identify two TV sets and two Apple TV streaming boxes.

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