Toggle Images


I need to do the following,

Volume up

Volume down

Mute/unmute toggle button

I have programmed 1 x button for vol up, 1 x button for vol down and 1 x button for mute/unmute.

I have utilise the new toggle image feature as advised with release 4.0.

I have set the button up with a default image (speaker with line thru it), I have then selected 2 x selected images (speaker with line thru it in blue and speaker with line thru it the same as default). As I have a specific Mute command and unmute command, I have entered both these commands onto the button and made the button a toggle command button. The problem I have is that when I select mute, the Mute command is sent and the selected image is displayed (speaker with cross thru it in blue) - this is correct. But when I press the button again, it sends the unmute command but stays Blue???. I press it again, it then sends the mute command, but then changes to default button. How can I remedy this issue. I just want a button that changes in sync with the command??

Please help

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