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Using a Raspberry Pi as a sleep timer


I have a pretty good whole home Irule setup in place but we've run into a bit of a glitch with sleep timers. as the app stops as soon as a phone is locked, sleep timing must be done in devices, and a roku express+ doesn't have one, which results in about 3 episodes to go by while he is asleep and his TV and head unit are off.

what I'd like to do is setup a raspberry pi as an http device in irule, and have the raspberry do the timing before sending the http codes to the devices to trigger power down/pause

has anyone used an irule to control a raspberry pi?

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  • Sorry - I don't use iRule much at all now so don't log into the forum often, hence the delay. I've used iRule to send commands to the Pi very successfully. Set the Pi up as an http server and then you can just send an http request to it.

    I set up the Pi with an IP address of and, say, port 9091. Then when I send the device command "?KitchenAwning=quarter" it closes the blind to a quarter open (I could do the same from a web browser on my internal network
    The big thing was getting the Pi program running - which needs you to understand how to set up an http server (it took me a while....!)

    Try this thread for some pointers.
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