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Using iRule to control HomeSeer HS3 with JSON commands

I had hoped to be able to use drule’s IP plug-in for HomeSeer, but that does not seem to be an option with the Hometroller Zee S2. I had seen reference by others to using JSON commands, but the discussion on how to do this was incomplete for a non-progammer. Here is a brief summary of how I got it to work.

In iRule, select the DEVICES tab on the right and click the drop-down arrow next to the search box to Create Item. Name it HomeSeer. In the lower left panel are the ‘Network Codes’ properties – select IP. Go back and right click Network Codes for the HomeSeer device and Add Device Code. In the lower left panel are the properties for the new code. Name it as you wish, eg, office_light_on. In the data field, type the JSON command. To simply turn a switch/lamp on or off, use:


In this example, replace the ref ‘17’ with your device number (shown in HS3) and the value with what you want to do, where ‘0’ is off and ‘100’ (or ‘255’) is on. Values in between will dim if applicable.
Add separate device codes for each device and action. A full list of JSON commands may be found at:

Then add buttons to your panels and drag the device codes to assign actions to the buttons. Save your work.

Next, in the iRule app on your iPad etc, sync your handset. Then in Gateways, add a new HTTP gateway. I called mine HomeSeer. Enter the IP address for your HomeSeer unit. I left the port as the default 80. Select the HTTP method as GET.

That’s it. You are ready to roll. Next I need to upgrade iRule and explore 2-way communication so I can get the switch/lamp status as well.
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