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I updated to this from the 4.1 something beta and have 2 issues:-

I use a bottom drawer with 10 buttons on it and previously it was easy to swipe down and close it. Always worked the same way. Since the update, it keeps actually actuating a button instead. I have to make sure I'm swiping where there are no buttons, wheres previously it was able to determine that a finger moving rapidly on the screen meant a swipe and not a tap. So something has been changed. Can we have it back the way it was. Not a big deal, but currently it's irritatingly inaccurate at understanding what I'm trying to do.

Of bigger concern is variable content value control. Again, I think previously this has worked, until I updated to 4.2.2 and concerns a RH drawer. The buttons on this drawer use variables for their column value, with a default that is to be used when the variable is empty. But I've just noticed that when this variable has been set to a different value (moving the buttons off-screen), returning to another Page which sets the variable to "", i.e. empty, the variable value is being left as it was last set instead of containing no value and using the default column value instead.

This last problem is symptomatic of a wider problem with iRule. Inconsistent and undefined actions with variable values. If a variable is used for something like this, i.e. a column position which has a default value set, when the variable is undefined, it must use that default value and we MUST also be able to reset the variable in some way so to ensure the specified default value is used, something like an 'Unset variable' command that will leave it undefined and hence allow the default value to be used.

It is possible that this is not a new thing in 4.2.2 as maybe I've just not previously followed the path that shows up this issue. But in any case, it needs fixing. Currently there is no way to clear a variable in order to allow a default value to be used. I've already asked about when variables get cleared since in normal usage they don't. In which case it is impossible to then revert to using the default values stored for that parameter. Simply setting the variable again to the default value is impractical when that may be required in many different places, making maintenance a nightmare. The default value should only need to be set in the one place i.e. where the variable to assigned to that parameter. So I think there's 2 things need to be done:-

First, give us a 'Clear' or 'Unset' variable command that will cause it to be undefined and..

Secondly, ensure that when a variable is undefined, any default value set for a parameter will ALWAYS be used, e.g. for positional parameters as above, but also for things like specifying a Panel or Page by variable. Setting a variable to empty has NEVER allowed the default to be used. Possibly it will if the variable is undefined, but this needs to be definite and controllable.

Oh, and also as previously requested, the same command for ALL variables. In fact, it could be combined with a simple checkbox to state whether to clear all variables or just the one specified.

And going back even further, we need to be able to search for variables, so we can see ALL instances where a variable has been used and perhaps rename them all. Currently there's no way to actually rename a variable as you have no way to find all occurrences of the old name.

So a bit more work on variable control and manipulation please, it's much needed and long overdue.

Did I mention global macros????
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