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Variable assigned 'names'

A Page can have a variable assigned to its name. But what does that mean? I have asked before, but never got an answer.

I guess that setting that variable to a value means that variable value will be the Page name displayed when that Page is active. I don't use any of that, so I've no idea and cannot test it to find out.

My question is, can you then access that Page using the string set in the variable assigned to the name, say as the destination of a Link? So if you have a Page named "Page1" and assign VAR1 to the name. When you set VAR1 = "WatchTV", presumably when you view that Page, it will display "WatchTV" at the top as the Page name. But, could you have a Link set to the appropriate Panel and with the name of the Link's destination Page set to "WatchTV". Would that work? Would you get taken to that Page? Could you also use the original name of the Page? Would that work, or does the variable value 'overwrite' the Page's name completely?

I also have the same question for Device commands. Say I have a POWER TOGGLE command and I assign VAR2 to the name of that command and set VAR2 = "POWER ON". Can I then execute the POWER ON command for that Device? If not, then what is the purpose of assigning a variable to a command name?
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