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Version 4.0 for Android & iOS

iRule Version 4.0 for iOS and Android

iRule version 4.0 for iOS and Android has been released! This new version features several new modules, but also contains some major features and enhancements such as conditional logic, feedback-driven variables, and math expressions.

Current users can update their iRule app from the App Store or from Google Play free of charge. Once you update your app, be sure to sync your handset with iRule Builder before you use your remote again or start exploring the app.

New Features, Revisions, and AdditionsPhilips Hue Module The Philips Hue Module is now supported on iOS and Android. You can control the color of Hue lights with our color picker module, as well as the intensity with our vertical and horizontal dimmers. Simply drag and drop our module into the builder, assign your Hue bulb IDs and get started controlling the rainbow!

Lutron SmartBridge Pro Module On Controls is excited to be partnering with Lutron for the release of the Lutron SmartBridge Pro. The SmartBridge Pro connects Lutron’s Caseta Wireless dimmers, Pico remote controls, Serena remote-controllable shades, and other third-party devices to the new Lutron app and will be available as a module for both iOS and Android.

Video Player Module You can now enhance your setup with our video player module! Available on both iOS and Android, the video player allows users to stream video that is stored locally on the device. Simply drag and drop the video player and assign the location of the video on your device. Options to automatically play the video, loop the video, and show/hide media controls are included. Special effects in your remote, user help... The opportunities are endless!

Link Action (iRule Pro Only) Users can now add a Link Action command to a macro! The link can be moved up or down within the command, which provides greater flexibility for the programmer. In addition to the Link Action, users can make the Panel and Page of the link a variable. This is one of the many features added to Version 4 that enhances the capabilities of our system.

Launch Action (iRule Pro Only) Ever want to launch an app, mail, or browser element as part of a macro? Now you can! The Launch Action allows users to add a launch element to the end of any macro as well as the ability to assign a Variable to the launch element.

Navigation Action (iRule Pro Only) This release is all about expanding our action capabilities. The Navigation Action gives users the ability to add a navigation element to any button or macro, as well as assign a variable to that navigation element. Want to navigate back to a home Panel after turning off all of your devices on a Page? Now you can with the touch of a button!

Input Variable (iRule Pro Only) Input Variable is a great new feature that allows the programmer to request user input to set variable data so the programmer does not have to reprogram the system! An example of this would be requesting the user to input his/her name so the system can execute actions based on the user's input.

Variables in Drawers (iRule Pro Only) Programmers now have the ability to program the Panel and Page of a Drawer with a Set Variable command. This is a great feature if you are programming a multi-room system. On a room selection page, you now have the ability set the Panel and Page that will be displayed in the Drawer. Cut down on your programming time with Variables in Drawers!

Merge Handsets on Restore Merge Handsets allows you to restore individual handsets from other projects into your current remote project! This is a great feature if you don't want to replace your entire account, but just want to import one or more of the handsets from another build, but also retain your current handsets, devices, etc.

Set Variables on Feedback The ability to set variables on feedback has arrived! This gives the programmer the ability to change the variable based upon the feedback that is received. A great example of this is changing images with feedbacks in order to have visual or graphical feedback as opposed to the traditional textual feedback.

Toggle Images Multiple selected state images can now be assigned to a button! Each time a button is pressed, a different image will toggle. This is similar to the way toggle commands currently work, but with greater flexibility. Image toggles are another way to provide visual feedback that the command was sent.

Conditional Logic We are thrilled to implement conditionals in iRule. IF, AND, ELSEIF, ELSE & OR programming has endless use cases. From changing images based on feedback, to controlling devices with non-discrete power commands, practically any advanced system can now be tackled with iRule!

Variable Expressions Variables just got smarter! A variable value can now be set as a math expression instead of just a discrete value! Want to add five minutes to a timer every time you press a button? Now you can!

Panel Lock Don’t want the kids to access your audio system? Now you can lock a panel and require a PIN to access the panel.

Multi-Press The iRule app now supports multiple user inputs simultaneously. An example would be pressing and holding a button to scroll through a list while simultaneously being able to tap a 'mute' or 'volume' button.

Tutorials can be found on our support site: and look for the Advanced Tutorials

--- The iRule Team