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viewport on retina ipods

Hi guys,
i got a VERY specific and technical question about retina ipod (or iphone), URL zones and webkit (I guess it's webkit used in url zones) and HTML.

My "url" is 520x836 pixels large, so i expect "my" HTML page which is also 520x836 pixels large to fit is this zone.

So in the "head" part of the html file I wrote...

meta name="viewport" content="width=520px; height=836px; initial-scale = 0.5; maximum-scale=0.5; user-scalable=no" /

...which seems to work fine in safari (safari of the ipod) (so far so good).

But as soon as the page is displayed inside the web area of iRules, it is zOOOOmed !

What did i do wrong ? what should i wrote in the to make it work fine ?

Any idea ?

Subsidiary question : how can I safely empty the "cache" of the url zones ?

Thank's for reading...
Paris, France
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