Visual feedback for button presses on Android

One of the biggest downsides to using a solution like iRule over a traditional remote is the lack of physical buttons. When you hold a physical remote in your hand, you don't need to look down at the buttons -- you can tell what they are by their feel and shape. LCD screens offer no such tactile feedback so iRule is automatically at a disadvantage on that front.

This is why I am a perplexed by the complete lack of visual feedback to button presses in the Android app. This is not something a smartphone/tablet-based remote app can afford to be ambiguous about. Unfortunately, haptic and sound feedback don't cut it: they are the same regardless of what buttons are pressed. Something as simple as tweaking the hue/saturation/brightness of pressed button images for a second would go a long way towards increasing usability on all platforms.

I understand that this is not as much of a problem on iOS because the SDK provides some facilities for it. But please do take a serious look at this issue for Android devices as it currently makes for a pretty lackluster experience on both phones and tablets.

Will you please consider adding some explicit visual feedback for button presses?

Thanks in advance.
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