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I want Sandy and Stikkit shutdown pushed back to 12/19

Howdy, folks!

I've been listening carefully to everything you've all been saying in response to Sandy and Stikkit going offline [].

What I've heard most is that 2 weeks was not enough notice and that you need a little more time for making the transition to alternate services — let alone getting used to the idea of Sandy and Stikkit going offline.

And so I'm extending the deadline to provide you that extra time. Sandy and Stikkit will be going offline at close of business (5pm PST) on Friday, December 19th, 2008 (that's just over two weeks from today).

I encourage you to join the discussion of alternatives [] so that you can get your self situated and find a productivity system that works well for you.

Most importantly, please do make use of the export functionality available so that you can take your data with you:

* I want Sandy: You'll find the export page for I want Sandy at . For more details, please see .

* Stikkit: Please take a gander at the Stikkit API page [] where you can grab a feed for each datum type (e.g. calendar as iCalendar, peeps as vCard). (Further export functionality will be provided should it be needed.)

I'll be having Sandy and Stikkit email their respective active users about the December 19th shutdown starting this evening.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who has made Values of n, Stikkit, and Sandy possible.


Rael Dornfest
CEO, Values of n, Inc.