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I’m slightly annoyed.

Why can't I add a "@high" tag via twitter?

When trying to send a new reminder via Twitter, for example "d s r Remind to whatever today @todo @high", when adding a "@high" tag, the message won't get picked up by Sandy.

I was using @high, @med, @low tags to set priority—the @low and @med went through twitter just fine, but @high just throws me back a message from Sandy that I'm guessing is the Sandy-version of an error—the "Hello! To remember/remind: ...." response.

I've tried moving the @high before @todo, but that didn't change anything. If I drop @high, it works.

Also tried sending it through without the @high, then doing a "d s u #4 @high", which didn't work either. Adding some other random tag (say, @cheese) does work.

I don't see in the documentation that @high is a reserved tag—help? Thanks.
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