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I’m hopeful and a little excited

Community Based Album Certification

Ok, so, just imagine for a second that you work at Jamendo.

Your name is ... Nicole.

Your job is to look throughout the get satisfaction forums that Jamendo has graciously set up to provide a dialogue between it's users and the people who officially work for Jamendo.

You probably have to deal with a lot of crappy problem reports and ideas which are just not feasible or interesting or (to an extent) even seem like they're even worth your time, but it's part of your job description and you are dedicated to the project so you do it.

Let's say you have a friend who works for Jamendo who's job it is to look through and listen to new albums which are going to be published and decide if they're "good enough" to be published officially onto jamendo (assuming the artist has already been certified).

Let's say that friend is named James.

James is probably always so busy listening to new music from artists that he doesn't get to help Nicole with any of the work involved with the get satisfaction forums here on jamendo.

What if there was a way for him to have more time to help Nicole out with the forums and finding solutions to the problems we artists see with the platform? Then the problems would be addressed more efficiently and would result in a better experience for both Nicole and James and the Dozens of jamendo artists they have to interact with on a daily basis.

Of course, He'd probably have to find a way to reduce the amount of time he spends listening to new yet-to-be-published albums, right?

What if a group of Jamendo artists came together and organized themselves to fill in that gap: Listening to new incoming music, perhaps critiquing it and ultimately deciding (following some procedure developed by Jamendo) whether or not the album is "Good to go?"

Wouldn't that be nice for James and Nicole?


I'd love to help anyway that i possibly can. I think other artists would like to also.
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  • Hi Gunha!

    Thanks for your message and your willingness to help :-) Actually, to us, everything is "good enough." We are happy for all independent musicians to use Jamendo and to help them grow their fan base - we don't judge the music based on quality. We used to have people go through every single album and approve it before it went online to be sure there were no copyright problems, but like you said, it became extremely time-consuming as the site grew. Therefore, we stopped doing that about a year and a half ago and instead implemented some automatic filters that help recognize songs that could be covers, remixes of others works and other types of songs that are a problem for Jamendo. We go through these albums, and also the ones that are reported for copyright violations. Have a wonderful day!


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