JL affiliating/partnering with a Forum

I've been using this site for over one year now and your engineers/designers have done a very good job of consistently developing and updating the site for users to explore all the listings and information easier/interesting. A few days ago I thought of an idea that if Jameslist found a way to partner with a growing luxury forum called Luxury4Play.com it would generate a powerful synergy between wealthy online users and a market place for their luxury demands. I visit both sites daily because I have a strong interest in a wide variety luxury goods. I see the opportunity to generate a company valued at over $1,000,000,000 as a result of being the #1 premium luxury market place for affluent buyers around the world. I am not affiliated with any companies, I'm just very curious to observe what this site is going to become soon. Since I started visiting Jameslist.com over one year ago I have been surprisingly satisfied how dynamic the site is at upgrading the layout every few months. I also like the recent idea of replacing the information box to the right of the photo with a bidding button for a more engaging shopper experience. But I experience several time since the new update, the additional photos in the product display page freeze in a horizontal stream of non responsive images. Thank you for creating this site because Robb Report and DuPont Registry have fatally fallen behind in this developing web 2.0 environment and websites like Amazon fail to serve the quietly&quickly growing number of new young wealthy buyers in the online luxury market.
- Jameslist.com+Luxury4play.com= For The 1%
- Amazon.com+Facebook.com= For The 99%
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