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JamProject - The project to bring jamlegend back, in offline mode

Currently, me and Chuck are doing a new version of jamlegend designed to be played offline, based on the original version for tracking tests. We have mounted the base of our experiments here: JAMPROJECT
Please subscribe by email to keep updated on the go of our project! Our goals are to not let jamlegend disappear completely, and unite a pack of the best and most unforgettable songs at jamlegend. We count with the help of anyone else who wants to help us!
Feel free to leave comments at the blog or send me an email at !
Currently we are launching our 1st Alpha version.

Thanks a lot for reading ^^

If error with the link, please use

If you want to donate any tracks for this project, please do so for the email I mentioned above! Don't worry, we always give you the credits for it =)