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Provide an HTML5-Interface instead of Flash

I'm playing JamLegend for some time now (on Linux), and the audio-lag as well as the stuttering (and the heavy CPU usage) become annoying from time to time. Now I was wondering, as we have all those new fancy technologies in HTML5 and CSS3, couldn't you implement an (alternative) interface without the need for flash? That'd be at least a clever strategy following some other sites.

As I had a bit too much time today, I quickly hooked up a half-working prototype. Let it load for a moment. You'll see the yellow note coming down, and you can hit it with the "1"-key, when it is somewhere at the bottom of the screen (the prototype isn't very accurate there). Music is playing as well thanks to the HTML5 audio-tag.

I'd have gone further and implemented a real demo in sync with the music, but I was not able to decode your track.jam file containing the notes, speed, etc. Now I think this definitely demonstrates that a JamLegend frontend could be implemented in HTML5.

Was is mostly missing here now are the particle effects, which I'd probably implement with canvas or animates PNG24s.

Let me know what you think about it.
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