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Access denied - We were unable to connect with the Jirafe service.

Hello there,
I have installed Magento v.1.9.x.x
I followed the installation guide with Magento Connect and everything went successful.
The problem is when I go to: Admin -> Configuration -> and click on Jirafe Analytics under General section I see this:

We were unable to connect with the Jirafe service. We will try again later, or you can try connecting yourself
Access denied
Access denied.

Also there is a note in the notice bar under admin navigator says:
Latest Message: Jirafe plugin for Magento installed - needs configuration Read details

Any help is kindly appreciate.
Thank you.
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  • Here is continuing more in the case above:

    I was able to see at least the menu under System -> Configuration -> Jirafe Analytics

    What I did was to overwrite Magento Connect installation with the Manual installation files.

    No I can see the settings for Jirafe Analytics but, here is another error msg:

    default 0 foomanjirafe/settings/last_status_message 400: Bad Request

    Any ideas?
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