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Photo of John B Farley
registration difficulty:
registration difficulty: Oops, there was a problem: Oops! While we were able to successfully create your account, there was a problem sen...
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Photo of Dannii Willis
Psalm 87
This site's Psalm 87 is different to another site with the 1985 NJPS:
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Photo of Zeke Levin
Verification email problem
when i try to make an account, it says that it was created, but there was a "problem" sending a verification email to my account. this sa...
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Photo of Elizabeth
Can't log in or reset password
I can't log in using username and password (that I had saved in my browser)--I'm getting an error message that it's not correct.  When I ...
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Photo of Mark Niemi
Text error after Num. 11:3
After Numbers 11:3 there is the phrase "ten thousands of the families of Israel!" hanging. I believe it is a note from the previous chapt...
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Photo of Farrah Udell
Registration Email Error
I just tried to sign up, but received an error message that  there was a problem sending the verification email to the address provided. ...
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Photo of dzeglen
Logging in
Hello, I made an account several weeks ago, and I still haven't received my email verification so that I can log in. Can someone pleas...
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