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Setup homepage?

I know that I'm not the most savvy computer geek, but how do you set up your homepage? Obviously there is an icon for this am I missing something? I didn't see this listed on FAQ.
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    I’m confident

    Not to worry! It would be great if you can describe what exactly you mean by setting up your homepage so that I can help you even further. In the case that you mean you'd like to fix up the page that looks like the following image, then of course I can help! (Look at the info/steps after the photo)

    1. This page, as you may know can be reached by simply pressing on the icon that looks like a house called the Homepage where all your Top Sites, or most visited sites, are shown.

    2. In order to change or reorder the sites of your choice, long press, or hold down for 1 second, on any 1 of the sites until a small wrench pops up.

    3. From here, you may now drag the sites in the order of your choosing. You may also even change the URL of a specific site or delete it entirely by tapping on the wrench and either changing the URL of the site or pressing the "Delete" button to delete it.

    If this answers your questions, feel free to like this! If not, please go into more detail so that I may help you as soon as possible.

    Hope this helps!

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