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Getting Started with Krugle Basic

Before You Start
The Krugle Basic VMware Edition can run on a modestly powered computer.

Host System Requirements

  • 64-bit machine (running either 32- or 64-bit OS)

  • 2+ GB RAM

  • 3+ GB free disk space

  • Dual-core recommended

  • Capable of running VMware Player or VMware Workstation

  • Wired Ethernet (not wireless)

Network Requirements

  • DHCP-enabled

  • Optional: can reach (required for access to Krugle public channels)
    The following sections explain these requirements in more detail.

VMware Configuration
The Krugle Basic VMware Edition runs on VMware Player version 1.0 or later, or VMware Workstation 5.5 or later. Windows, Linux or Mac OSX users may download suitable VMware software from

We strongly recommend that the host computer has a wired ethernet connection because there have been problems reported by the VMware user community when the VMware guest operating system at-tempts to communicate through a wireless network card.

Network Requirements
The host computer on which the Krugle Basic VMware Edition is installed must be on a DHCP-enabled network so that the virtual appliance can obtain an IP address dynamically when it boots up.

By default, the Krugle Public search channels are turned off to prevent error messages that might occur if the host computer cannot access the internet. See the section “Searching Open Source Code” below for more details.

7z Software
Krugle Basic VMware Edition is packed in a large archive file using the 7z format. This is a format similar to the more familiar zip archive but with superior compression. If you haven’t already, down-load and install a 7z utility1.

For example, see 7-Zip from (open source) or WinRAR from (commercial, with free trial available).

Getting Started

Unpacking the Archive File
You should have been given instructions to download the archive containing the Basic VMware Edition from the Aragon website.

Once downloaded, unpack the archive to a suitable location on your hard disk. Once unpacked, the arc-hive will take up approximately 2 GB on your hard disk, but this can grow to be as large as 40GB as the image is used.

Starting the Virtual Appliance
Locate the folder in which the archive was unpacked and run the enclosed “.vmx” file to start the Krugle Basic VMware Edition.

NOTE: by default the virtual machine is configured to run with 1.5GB of RAM. If your host machine has more than 2GB or RAM, you may increase the RAM available to the virtual machine by editing the “.vmx” file and changing the number in the following line (RAM measured in MB):

memsize = "1536"

After the appliance completes its boot sequence, you will see a console screen which displays a number of URLs:

You should take note of these URLs since you will need to enter these into your browser later. The IP addresses will be different on your display, of course.

Note: The Krugle Basic VMware Edition must use DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address.
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