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Git SCMI - Failed to create response


I set up git SCMI for Krugle Basic and created a project in the admin console.
The data seems to be successfully fetched from remote gt repo and put into the stateDir folder at SCMI location.

The problem that I get is that response cannot be sent back to Krugle, and therefore Krugle cannot index the contents of the repo.

Here is an exception I get in the error log. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions?

2014-12-12 16:16:17.636 ERROR [btpool0-3] (DefaultScmiApplication:177) - Failed to create response.
at net.krugle.scmi.git.GitFilesRequestHandler.markAllFilesAdded(
at net.krugle.scmi.git.GitFilesRequestHandler.createFileIterator(
at ...
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