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I’m confused

Dynamically changing distance information missing from updated FastFood?


I was running version 1.0 of FastFood and finally decided to update to FastFood Premium 1.6.0.

In version 1.0, when I would click on a restaurant it would then show me a list of the specific one and their distances. As I would drive, the distances would change dynamically based on if I was getting closer or farther away.

As soon as I updated to 1.6.0, I was extremely disappointed to see that this function was no longer present. While driving, the distances shown in blue would not change at all, no matter how far I would drive. I would have to go back to the “Featured” tab and re-find my restaurant for the app to show me what the new distance was.

Am I missing something or some sort of toggle I need to switch to get this dynamically changing distance information back?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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