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Photo of KyleK
Slidescreen - Twitter re-tweets cut off
I've been noticing a lot of twitter re-tweets being cut off in Slidescreen. (I'm using beta 9) In Slidescreen I see "RT @Username: " ad...
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Photo of cmspooner
Weather Forecast On Click
It would be nice to be able to get a weather forecast by clicking on the slidebar, or by having a category when the slider is at the bott...
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Photo of SparrowS
To-Do List!
A plug-in that works with one of the (community selected/popular?) to-do list apps. Any suggestions?
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Photo of rumcajszR
I don't see Pro version on Market.
Well, Market are enabbled in my country now, but PRO version stil don't apperal on Market. :( How can I get Pro version? (I don't want ...
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Photo of Ashley
Reload problem?
I wasn't sure what to name this issue, but I hope it gets some attention. Droid X, Froyo 2.2, Rubix Focused 2.0, SlideScreen 2-Beta9 ...
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Photo of sweedyvS
chose own SMS/calendar app
Is it possible / planned to select which SMS/calendar app one is using? I'm currently using handcent and calengoo instead of the stock ap...
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