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Library disappeared - scrobbles gone
I checked my account again today, and suddenly all my scrobbles are gone. My username is xAlexxje. My listening report for last week is t...
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New Scrobbler app for iOS!
Hey everyone, we're happy to announce that the new Scrobbler app for iOS has finally been released!  You can download it from the...
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Closure of Legacy site pages takes the privacy of its users very seriously and towards the end of the month we will be introducing improvements to how we han...
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Tag voting / clean-up
I don't use tags a huge amount but I have been adding more and more of late, mainly prompted by an interest in seeing the tag chart on my...
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Subscribers should get back the "recent visitors" information
Having been a addict for the past 10 years I absolutely love the site even with these problems with the latest incarnation of it,...
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Create Friends Listening now / Any other friends activity
Make a new block on Personal Page with any online Info about what friends do on - comments / activity / replies / likes - at leas...
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Neighbours form your country...
Could you make a feature that would make it possible for the neighbours to be filtrated based on the country, sex, etc...I would like to ...
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Website update - 14th June
Hi everyone, We've just released a new update. Venue creation You can now create new venues when adding or editing events. It's a fair...
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Website update - 19th April
Hello friends, We just released the following: Tags User tags are back! See the things you have tagged at
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Website update - 5th April
Hi everyone, We just released the following: Features Current obsession (subscriber preview) What’s your favourite song right now? C...
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Website update - 22nd March
Hey you, We've just released the following: Full Last.year report We've added December to your Last.year report Search page improve...
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Website update - 8th March
Hi there,We’ve just released the following:Listeners you know See which users you follow listen to an artist Two new subscriber only list...
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