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New Scrobbler app for iOS!
Hey everyone, we're happy to announce that the new Scrobbler app for iOS has finally been released!  You can download it from the...
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Spotify Beta player
Hi folks, A few months ago the method we were using for Spotify playback was deprecated, since then we've been working on a new versio...
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Wrong album tracklist
This album has a completely wrong tracklist. Here is the correct tracklist.
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Longer radio playlists
Whenever I try to create a radio station on Last.FM, the station is only 20-40 songs long on YouTube, and 75 on Spotify. May I suggest in...
  • Action Radar, 7 months ago

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Wiki watchlists
Could I suggest a feature? Whenever you edit an artist/song/tag/album's wiki, it should get added onto a watchlist. This could be usef...
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