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Cant log in
I’ve been locked out of mt last fm account for months and havent been abled to log in after numerous password changes (username: niceforw...
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I need to recover messages I've accidentally deleted - is this at all possible pls?
recovering messages?
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Closure of Legacy site pages takes the privacy of its users very seriously and towards the end of the month we will be introducing improvements to how we han...
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Subscribers should get back the "recent visitors" information
Having been a addict for the past 10 years I absolutely love the site even with these problems with the latest incarnation of it,...
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The ideas about shoutboxes
We get some useless imo features like answering and likes, which gives us feeling we are more in Facebook than But I have two ne...
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i'd like to pay more for these super features
Here a list of other super Features i’d like to pay more for : F1 no advert at all  (or at least, only advert for releases from  ...
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Why doesn't Last.FM have any social type forums, or really anything social?
I am a very long time user of Last.FM going all the way back to Audioscrobbler days. My first account had over 100k plays, and now my cur...
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