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New scrobbles database
Hi everyone, We are beginning to roll out a new scrobbles database. This changes how we store your scrobbles - a big change for us, wh...
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Spotify Scrobbling (Beta)
Hello everyone, We've created a new way to scrobble with Spotify. Instead of configuring each application or device separately, you now ...
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username changing
Hi, I was wondering if username changing will be available on the new site? I do believe reading on the old forum that this feature was ...
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Closure of Legacy site pages takes the privacy of its users very seriously and towards the end of the month we will be introducing improvements to how we han...
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can i change my nickname from isGood_ok to iGood_ok please?
i want to change my nickname it's important to me, cause i have that nickname of all social media
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Is there a way to scrobble with Chromecast?
Using Spotify on my iphone is there a way to scrobble using Chromecast now? Spotify doesn't pick up once I have connected to Chromecast. ...
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Why do not you still have the option to block a person? my boss manages to monitor me, I've already locked my tracks but he notices when ...
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Get that listening reports shit off my profile
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Please try to improve privacy. For example, on the page of songs that people are listening to, I feel uncomfortable with people seeing wh...
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Can't love a track while looking at another user's recent listens?
Can't love a track while looking at another user's recent listens. Is this a known issue? I have no issues liking a track while browsing...
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Some website problems...
- Firstly, I don't know if it's just me but the site is pitifully slow atm. - Secondly, my shoutbox area or even the carousel thing isn'...
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