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Spam on my about me
I have changed my password and unlinked all my accounts and they still have access to my account and keep changing my bio and follows. ht...
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Merge these artists
Are Moderators viewing these threads? ( There are over 2,000 of them related to this issue. (...
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Top listener spam user
Followed a top listener from an obscure band and found a user which scrobbles several thousands tracks per day, which is impossible. Obvi...
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Accounts getting hacked?
I don't know where the post of the guy saying his bio kept getting changed to a spam-like one no matter how many times he changed his pas...
  • cptchi, 2 months ago

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Weird scrobbles
I've been getting some weird scrobbles in my profile during the night here. I didn't make any of the scrobbles between both the Band of S...
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Phantom scrobbling
Hi folks I've been having a random song constantly scribbling a half dozen times a day for the past few weeks. It's a song that I happen ...
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