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username changing
Hi, I was wondering if username changing will be available on the new site? I do believe reading on the old forum that this feature was ...
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WANTED: Journal
"Check out this awesome music site - it allows you to write a journal!" Nobody will ever say that, of course, but a reintroduction will ...
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personal timeline
I'd really like to see a personal feed of activity similar to facebook. The 'posts' in this context would be trending albums from your ne...
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Blank overview page
My profile page claims that I haven’t listened to any music, ever. When looking at other pages on my profile, like Events or Listening Re...
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I was wondering if you were bringing back festival recommended line ups? That is the main thing I use the site for.... On the new site if...
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Where on earth are the tags?!!!! I have my 'seen live' list saved. I NEED IT BACK!!!! Change/ruin anything else you want, I don't care, b...
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