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API Announcement
We’ve made changes to our API in order to limit abuse and improve the service for everyone, in line with our API Terms of Use.  While we...
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When can we expect the new API to be released?
Last year you mentioned you were planning an API upgrade "soon" (announcement) and it would be useful to have more details on release dat...
  • Enrico Lamperti, 5 months ago

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Proper (and automatic) site status page
It would be very useful to have a proper status page (even better if it's in an independent server and domain) where we can check if the ...
  • Enrico Lamperti, 5 months ago

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Where on earth are the tags?!!!! I have my 'seen live' list saved. I NEED IT BACK!!!! Change/ruin anything else you want, I don't care, b...
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