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Give image votes a lifespan?
A fairly straightforward idea, really. As the title says, to help rectify certain listener-bases being non-interactive with Last FM's vot...
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Album pages
Almost all albums by various artists can not be found, album pages are rearely to be found. I would think that if I search on song level,...
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Better profile page
Hi, folks! Since the layout change I think the profile pages look rather bland and empty. It would look so much better, and be more infor...
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New CDs
Hello... What is wrong with the catalogue!? I miss so,so many new CDs at the catalogue...partly they are 2,3,4 month, or 1,2 year...
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Top listeners for an album section.
I remember when the old LFM existed, we had a top listeners section for albums. Unfortunately, after BETA launch that features vanished. ...
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Lost listeners ?
In this moment i visited the artist - page from "Michael Jackson". I saw only 11.000.00 Scrobbels. He lost a lot of :-O Mistake ?
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Please try to improve privacy. For example, on the page of songs that people are listening to, I feel uncomfortable with people seeing wh...
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