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username changing
Hi, I was wondering if username changing will be available on the new site? I do believe reading on the old forum that this feature was ...
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Scrobbling from ....
On the old website, above your recently listed tracks it would display what service or app you were scrobbling from if you were currently...
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Reset my library
Hi, I want to reset my library.  is it possible to reset my library without making that operation visible on my profile? Thanks
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Missing album art
Hey guys. I really really appreciate all the work you have done to make the page look better and stuff. But this really looks terrible wi...
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reversing"delete all scrobbles"
First of all, let me remind you that about a year ago it was possible to download the file with the complete user's scrobbling history (d...
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Recent changes
Did anyone notice the latest changes? I think it's sucks and uncomfortable for the eyes! Really! Looks BAD! Switch the columns!
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