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400 Bad Request
Not sure what the deal has been lately on the mobile version of the site, but for the past week everytime I try to go on through ...
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Okay, I've officially have had it with you You guys pushed it way too far this time and I just can't take it anymore. I know why...
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Stalking and Harassment
A while back, I've been stalked and harassed by certain users on the site. Despite the fact that I've blocked them and don't bother argui...
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option to merge or edit, please
there's a problem in, that while we scrobble the tracks from several different players and with several different tags-data, that...
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Can't delete scrobbles
Hi, I'm having trouble deleting some tracks from my library. I'm trying to delete the last 2 tracks here: When I go to do it, it says "...
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