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Scrobbles compare
I would like to know why on my profile song has 67 scrobbles for 7 days and on the artist page this song has only 23 scrobbles for 7 days.
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Top listener spam user
Followed a top listener from an obscure band and found a user which scrobbles several thousands tracks per day, which is impossible. Obvi...
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Spam account
This seems to be a account created for spamming. This account only has 30 so scrobbles, account name is funeralKreator6's Is anyone gett...
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Unable To Tag Albums
Tagging artists and tracks is working as usual, but I cannot tag albums anymore from the website. Is anyone else having this issue?
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Tagging Problem
Over the past several days I'm not able to add tags on any album, artist, song, etc. Is this a problem with the site or just with me? If ...
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