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How can i delete duplicated events?
There are a lot of duplicated festivals and other events. They appear several times in my recommendation list of events and it would be n...
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Incorrect tracklist
There is an incorrect tracklist for this record: Five Finger Death Punch - War is the answer. While here, in this Edited Edition, the tra...
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improvements on pictures
So I think everybody is really in need of some improvements on the picture system. I was thinking about some changes and new features tha...
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an update for new update ?
Hi, is it maybe possible to give a hint on what to expect on the next update and when we can expect this (a week, 3 weeks, 2 months...). ...
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I was wondering if you were bringing back festival recommended line ups? That is the main thing I use the site for.... On the new site if...
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Festival listeners count
Hi, wouldn't it be nice if you could see at every festival page a counter of how many individual listeners have listened to artists appea...
  • JBIR, 2 years ago

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