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Spotify crash
Spotify crashing after new update. Basically, I've been using Spotify for a number of years now and since the last software update, it ju...
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Last FM site loading slow at times
This morning the Last FM website seems to be loading a little slower than it usually dose. Is there a minor problem with the site. All ot...
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Blank overview page
My profile page claims that I haven’t listened to any music, ever. When looking at other pages on my profile, like Events or Listening Re...
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scrobbles doesn't work
I listen to most of my music from Spotify and MusicBee, but today my scrobbles aren't showing in my profile. I haven't changed anything. ...
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Missing Stats
Nothing has been Scrobbling to my account in the last 20 minutes. The desktop Scrobbler app is not showing any artist information either....
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